November 1, 2014

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Backed by Bernie

2012 Senate Photos

My Senate Work

A Sampling of Tim’s 2013-2014 Legislative Efforts

In the Senate I serve as Chair of the Finance Committee, and also as a member of the Judiciary Committee. All major tax, insurance, banking, and utility matters come before the Finance Committee, while Judiciary addresses the criminal justice system and crime prevention. But my interests run far and … [Read More...]

A Vermont State Police cruiser outfitted with three license plate readers

Advanced License Plate Readers Legislation Passes

On my way home from a work meeting in September I caught a radio program featuring the police chief in Brookline, Ma. and a staff attorney for the Massachusetts affiliate of the ACLU. They were discussing law enforcement’s use of advanced license plate readers (ALPRs) in Massachusetts. It was … [Read More...]

Microsoft Word - Document2

Vermont Health Care Reform Explained (In Simple Terms)

Explaining Vermont's proposed roadmap for health care reform is much more difficult than explaining why we need reform in the first place. In just the last decade, Vermont's total health care spending has climbed from $2 billion to $5 billion a year. This is already unsustainable, yet some believe … [Read More...]


Legislative Tidbit #15: Ban on Fracking

Legislative Tidbit #15: It may seem strange to pass a law to prohibit something in Vermont that isn’t currently happening. But sometimes it’s the safest play. This year we expressly prohibited hydraulic fracking anywhere in Vermont. This method of extracting oil and gas by channeling through … [Read More...]

Legislative Tidbits – Brief Snapshots of 2012′s Under-the-Radar Laws

Legislative Tidbit #1: Politicians like to talk about creating jobs, but if many of the programs they support were so successful every state would implement them, and go all in when they do. Fortunately there are a few program that do work to stimulate economic activity in less affluent areas. The … [Read More...]